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Celtic’s past and current activities include some of the following:
    • Manages the transport and discharging, to date, of about 750,000 tons of bulk aggregates for the Dupont James River Plant in Richmond, Virginia. Celtic undertook doubling this plant’s capacity, per shipment, from 10,000 tons to 20,000 tons utilizing innovative vessel lightening techniques to barges in Newport News, Virginia.  Celtic has lso advised DuPont on utilization of several innovative vessel types calling at this plant over the past 5 years.


    • Chartering agent for a major Washington, D.C. based client handling IMO Class 7 related to the nuclear fuel cycle encompassing ocean transportation and logistics services.  Celtic has assisted this client in managing several innovative projects over the last 15 years.


    • Represented Marcona Ocean Industries and then, commencing in 2001, AES, a worldwide energy company who purchased Marcona in 2001. Functions included chartering, post fixture operations, and stevedoring operations related to transporting about 250,000 tons of aggregates to Baltimore, Richmond, Savannah, New Orleans, Fort Pierce, and Perth Amboy.


    • Celtic acted as port operations consultant for a major Canadian firm that was contracted to discharge and bag about 500,000 tons of bulk grain cargoes worldwide for the account of U.S. AID, USDA, and the World Food Programme. Said discharging and logistics operations took place in Latin America, Africa, Russia, and Asia including China. Also undertook several innovative lightering techniques on behalf of this client.


    • Organized a group for purchasing a 50,000-ton deadweight self-unloading vessel. Supervised the activation of the vessel. Prepared costs estimates for the activation. Selected the officers and crew. Instituted the ISM and ISO 9002 procedures on this vessel. Initial investment of this project, including activation costs, amounted to $4 million and now this vessel is worth $10 million as an operating entity.  


    • Chartered and managed numerous shipments from the U.S. of over 33,000 Utility poles to Ghana and Bundled Lumber to Spain.


    • Organized a group of investors in the purchase of a freight and passenger ferry in Cape Verde and assisted in the establishment of regular inter-island transportation within the Cape Verde Island nation.